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Founded in 1997, PIM PAM PUM AUDIOVISUAL offers several audiovisual services. Relying on a team of qualified and dynamic professionals, PIM PAM PUM AUDIOVISUAL uses its technical and artistic know- how to offer you the best solutions for your product.


what we offer


Our translation services are provided by professionals and each text is proofread before starting the production of content.


Our subtitling services rely on a team of trained professionals and translation techniques kept up to date with the market.


We hold four audio recording studios designed for dubbing and rely on an experienced team in voice-over projects.


Superior audio equipment for the recording of advertising spots, jingles or CDs, and audio editing, mixing and mastering.


We periodically host WORKSHOPS in dubbing for animation and cartoons, which grant a certificate of completion.


We rely on professionals in video and audiovisual production to provide our clients with the perfect end product.


some of our work

We offer more than 200 different voices in Portuguese and other languages.
They’re all in our database.

Our Clients

chosen by the best
Throughout its history, Pim Pam Pum is proud to have attracted big clients and partners across different areas. In our relationship with our clients, we not only regard our commitment to the client’s business, but also the results that need to be achieved. Our main goal is to keep our clients happy, to establish long-term partnerships, based on integrity and commitment, and to always meet our clients’ needs. Get to know some of them:


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PIM PAM PUM AUDIOVISUAL offers a space with:


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